Special meets 2023 !

Are you looking for a fun and special meet ?

If so then South Wales DAs Special Meets are the place for you with SWDA holding meets for Easter , Christmas and holding meets in the may half term and our Summer THSs we make fun for the whole family . Most of our Special Meets will have Entertainment on site ranging from the classic bingo to SWDAs famous obstacle courses , So if this is what you want when you go on holiday then join South Wales DA this year !

Special Meets for 2023 …

Join South Wales DA for there Christmas Meet @

. St Richard Gwyn School ( Barry )

. 24th-26th November

. Full Program of entertainment

. More info…

Please note we might add more special meets through out the year ! 

Thank you for looking at South Wales DAs Special Meets for 2023 ! We hope you found what you was looking for , if our Special Meets don’t suit you then maybe our weekend meets or our THSs would suit you better !

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Weekend Meets

We hope to see you out and about soon !

Thank you

South Wales DA

South Wales DAs Special Meets 2023 ( More Coming Soon )