Themed meets 2024

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Are you looking for a fun and special meet?

If so then South Wales DAs Themed Meets are the place for you! With SWDA holding Themed Meets for Easter, Halloween and Christmas, we make fun for the whole family. Most of our Themed Meets will have entertainment on-site ranging from games of bingo to hilarious activities, so if this is what you want when you go on holiday then why not join us at South Wales DA this year!

Themed Meets for 2024

Join South Wales DA at …

St Richard Gwyn High School, Barry

11th-13th October

Halloween Party

Booked Meet!

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Join South Wales DA at the amazing …

St Richard Gwyn School ( Barry )

22nd-24th November

For SWDAs Christmas Meet !

Booked Meet!

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Please note we might add more themed meets during the year! 

Thank you for looking at South Wales DAs Themed Meets for 2024! We look forward to seeing you out and about soon!

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South Wales DA

South Wales DAs Special Meets 2024 ( More Coming Soon )